SP! Episode Ten:

This is it! It’s rocket versus rocket as Gulliver Nash and his crew of swashbucklers race against Fritz Shicklgruber and his band of Nazis. Their destination? Baron von Grupp and Lady Magdelena’s secret moon fortress! Get ready for action! Get ready for romance! Get ready for more Nazis fighting robots fighting pirates than you can shake an invisibility stick at!

Get ready for the final high-flying episode of Sky Pirates!


SP! Episode Nine:

Guided by their former foe Bladebot, Gulliver Nash and his crew hack through a Caribbean jungle in search of von Grupp’s secret moon rocket launchpad! Can our heroes swashbuckle their way through ancient jungle traps and infiltrate von Grupp’s base? Meanwhile, Baron von Grupp and Lady Magdelena do a jigsaw puzzle. No, really.

SP! Episode Eight:

Our heroes – having captured the merciless killing machine Bladebot – engage in some enhanced interrogation techniques. Meanwhile, Baron von Grupp and Lady Magdelena blast off for the moon! What unspeakable deeds do they have planned!?

SP! Episode Seven:

Captain Gulliver Nash remains chained in the tower of Schloss Schwarzstahl. But below, with Lady Magdelena’s party in full swing, his heroic crew carefully plot a rescue. Things are about to get interesting…

SP! Episode Six:

The evil Lady Magdalena has finally captured our hero, Gulliver Nash. Chaining him in her castle, the Austrian vixen plans her most fiendish scheme yet … a dinner party! Will the crew of the Feathered Beagle brave her soiree to rescue their captain, or is Nash doomed to suffer Magdelena’s horrible tortures indefinitely?

SP! Episode Five:

The Death’s Head has chased the Feathered Beagle all the way to Spain. Closing in on Gulliver Nash at last, Baron von Grupp and Lady Magdelena prepare for an all-out attack on the Beagle. Can Nash and his heroic crew overcome Grupp’s robot soldiers? And what of Magdelena’s new, conflicted feelings on the mission?

SP! Episode Four:

Determined to put as much distance between themselves and Baron von Grupp’s Death’s Head, Gulliver Nash and the crew of the Feathered Beagle flee to the snowy Himalayas. Seemingly safe, they befriend a yak herder with a mysterious past, and George continues repairing her captured robot. Aboard the Death’s Head, Lady Magdelena discovers that her quest for revenge against Nash is a bit more complicated than previously realized.