SP! Episode Eight:

Our heroes – having captured the merciless killing machine Bladebot – engage in some enhanced interrogation techniques. Meanwhile, Baron von Grupp and Lady Magdelena blast off for the moon! What unspeakable deeds do they have planned!?

SP! Episode Seven:

Captain Gulliver Nash remains chained in the tower of Schloss Schwarzstahl. But below, with Lady Magdelena’s party in full swing, his heroic crew carefully plot a rescue. Things are about to get interesting…

SP! Episode Six:

The evil Lady Magdalena has finally captured our hero, Gulliver Nash. Chaining him in her castle, the Austrian vixen plans her most fiendish scheme yet … a dinner party! Will the crew of the Feathered Beagle brave her soiree to rescue their captain, or is Nash doomed to suffer Magdelena’s horrible tortures indefinitely?

Episode 47:

This evening, for your enjoyment, the KWUR Theater of the Air is having a little on-air soirée. We have no less than two completely new episodes of Sky Pirates! , which follow our heroes as they take on their greatest pirating challenge to date – a dinner party! Tune in for fancy food, wacky disguises, trapdoors, and swordfights. Oh yes, the swordfights.

Episode 46:

This week, all of our content on the KWUR Theater of the Air is “For Kids!” We’ve got the broadcast premiere of a new Simon Colt episode and the ToA originals “Mr. Jefferies’ Nearby Residents” and “Peasant School” … For Kids!

SC Episode Two:

“I lost a finger to the Tombstone Witch. The left pinkie down to the second knuckle. Could only count to nine and a half after that.” Grizzled gunslinger Simon Colt tells the story of a lost boy, a mine, and an embittered medicine woman.

Episode 45:

From the KWUR Theater of the Air with love – a spy episode! We’ve got a show filled with tales of international intrigue. Join us for Elaine May and Mike Nichols, The Avengers, and a special spy-themed reading.

Episode 44:

This week! The KWUR Theater of the Air tangles with G-men! The FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and all manner of government agents working for organizations with 3-letter abbreviations. We’ve got the final chilling installment of The Shadow Over Innsmouth, and an episode of Decoder Ring Theater’s immortal detective show ‘Black Jack Justice’.

Episode 43:

This time on the KWUR Theater of the Air – Great Escapes! We’ve got the 3rd installment of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Shadow Over Innsmouth, in which our hero must flee the creepy town of Innsmouth, Mass. And you won’t want to miss some original KWUR Theater of the Air getaways, including the greatest escape of all – the Exodus.

Episode 42:

This week, the KWUR Theater of the Air is back… and it smells a little fishy. We’ve got a tackle box full of radio theater for you, including part two of H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘The Shadow Over Innsmouth’ and some fishy original content.