SC Episode Three:

A chance meeting with a peddler named Loeb brings Simon to a town called Mangrove Bend. Loeb is secretive, but the secret of Mangrove Bend is far darker, an evil rooted in generations of cruelty.


“And you’re listening to 90.3 FM, the ’Monicus, here in the early AM with Wackjob and the Stuuuuuuuuuump. So we’ve been hearing a lot about this Amanda Wyoming girl, haven’t we, The Stump? She’s got this song, “You’re Nifty ’Cause You’re Thrifty” that’s been taking the airwaves by storm… It’s- it’s really good. You’re listening to 90.3 FM, the ’Manda.”

– DJ Sheldon “Wackjob” Wolodarsky

Download it here! You can listen to it at home, while driving, at the supermarket, out jogging, during dinner, while you work, when you go to sleep… just about any and every time and place!

HC Episode Four:

Bubblegum pop sensation Amanda Wyoming has just released her new hit single – and it’s spreading throughout Harmonicus City like a virus! A short while later, innocent citizens begin turning into mindless zombies. Coincidence? Not in The Human Chord’s book, sucka! Our hero sets out to stop the sinister song before the whole city transforms into shambling pop junkies.


SP! Episode Ten:

This is it! It’s rocket versus rocket as Gulliver Nash and his crew of swashbucklers race against Fritz Shicklgruber and his band of Nazis. Their destination? Baron von Grupp and Lady Magdelena’s secret moon fortress! Get ready for action! Get ready for romance! Get ready for more Nazis fighting robots fighting pirates than you can shake an invisibility stick at!

Get ready for the final high-flying episode of Sky Pirates!

HC Episode Three:

Miss Dawson’s 1st grade class takes a field trip to the Museum of Musical History. Then, supervillains show up. Can The Human Chord and Soundtrack rescue the kids, protect the museum’s treasures, and defeat their arch-nemesis, Black Panzer?


SP! Episode Nine:

Guided by their former foe Bladebot, Gulliver Nash and his crew hack through a Caribbean jungle in search of von Grupp’s secret moon rocket launchpad! Can our heroes swashbuckle their way through ancient jungle traps and infiltrate von Grupp’s base? Meanwhile, Baron von Grupp and Lady Magdelena do a jigsaw puzzle. No, really.

SP! Episode Eight:

Our heroes – having captured the merciless killing machine Bladebot – engage in some enhanced interrogation techniques. Meanwhile, Baron von Grupp and Lady Magdelena blast off for the moon! What unspeakable deeds do they have planned!?