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“And you’re listening to 90.3 FM, the ’Monicus, here in the early AM with Wackjob and the Stuuuuuuuuuump. So we’ve been hearing a lot about this Amanda Wyoming girl, haven’t we, The Stump? She’s got this song, “You’re Nifty ’Cause You’re Thrifty” that’s been taking the airwaves by storm… It’s- it’s really good. You’re listening to 90.3 FM, the ’Manda.”

– DJ Sheldon “Wackjob” Wolodarsky

Download it here! You can listen to it at home, while driving, at the supermarket, out jogging, during dinner, while you work, when you go to sleep… just about any and every time and place!

There are those of you that might remember from our Horror Show (episode 26) a certain Dr. Roger Wolfman, DDS, Esq.  As well as holding two professional degrees, Dr. Wolfman acted in his capacity as a licensed private detective in saving our butts from the zombie horde that had besieged KWUR 90.3 FM.

Listen for his introduction at around 32:30 here.

Having done that, watch this, a promo for the 2010 Purim Sketch Show at New York City’s 92nd Street Y:

I haven’t heard from Roger in some months, so I can only imagine he was involved with this project.  Godspeed, Roger.  And Happy Purim.


You heard right – the KWUR Theater of the Air now has a set of fancified promotional posters available to download! Print out a bunch and stick them up wherever there’s a wall. Spread the Word of Radio Theater to the masses!

They look like this:

Theater of the Air promotional poster

You can get a general KWUR Theater of the Air poster here.

And a special poster advertising the series premiere (This Thursday!) of our original series Sky Pirates! here.

A note – all original content in playlists is now clickable! That means if you see any sketch from “Newsworthy Ghost Island” or “KWUR Theater of the Air” you can click its title to listen to it. Don’t want to scrub through a whole episode to find the 1-800-Bears sketch? No problem. Search for the title on the blog and click the link! All the sketches we’ve played on the show are available to play.

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And while that’s downloading, enjoy this awesome picture of a shark attacking a helicopter!