HC Episode Four:

Bubblegum pop sensation Amanda Wyoming has just released her new hit single – and it’s spreading throughout Harmonicus City like a virus! A short while later, innocent citizens begin turning into mindless zombies. Coincidence? Not in The Human Chord’s book, sucka! Our hero sets out to stop the sinister song before the whole city transforms into shambling pop junkies.


This episode written by David Brunell-Brutman and David Rheistrom and directed by David Brunell-Brutman

Justin Pieper – Narrator, Lou Grisby
Helen Wang – Amanda Wyoming
Norah Yehle – The Funkmobile
Alex Jensen – Dr. Cartwright
Sasha Diamond – Laura Fuentes
David Rheinstrom – Soundtrack
David Brunell-Brutman – The Human Chord

Louise Smythe and David Schainker

Audio editing by David Brunell-Brutman

Musical direction by Jacob Stern

Our producer was David Rheinstrom