HC Episode Three:

Miss Dawson’s 1st grade class takes a field trip to the Museum of Musical History. Then, supervillains show up. Can The Human Chord and Soundtrack rescue the kids, protect the museum’s treasures, and defeat their arch-nemesis, Black Panzer?


This episode written by David Brunell-Brutman and David Rheistrom and directed by David Brunell-Brutman

Justin Pieper – Narrator
Willis Garcini – Black Panzer
Meghan Kenny – Becky Dawson
Sasha Diamond – Luz Cañon, Lucy
David Rheinstrom – Soundtrack, Funksergeant
David Brunell-Brutman – The Human Chord

Louise Smythe and Mike Lefemine

Audio editing by David Brunell-Brutman

Musical direction by Jacob Stern

Our producer was David Rheinstrom