HC Episode Two:

When southern-fried belle Millie Monroe spurns a young man’s romantic advances, he sells his soul to the devil for the ability to impress her. And when he turns his newfound demonic powers to crime, the Human Chord is on the case.


This episode written by David Brunell-Brutman and David Rheinstrom and directed by David Brunell-Brutman

Meghan Kenny – Millie Monroe
Mike Lefemine – Good Ol’ Boy
Sasha Diamond – Luz Cañon
David Rheinstrom – Soundtrack
David Brunell-Brutman – The Human Chord
Justin Pieper – Narrator
Louise Smythe and Willis Garcini

Audio editing by David Brunell-Brutman

Musical direction by Jacob Stern and Indu Chandrasekhar

Our producer was David Rheinstrom

This recording is released under a Creative Commons License. It may be freely copied, distributed, and remixed for non-commercial use.