HC Episode One:

Heads up, listeners! Prepare yourself for the funky-fresh adventures of… The Human Chord! A superhero imbued with the power of funk music, the Human Chord and his sidekick Soundtrack fight musical injustice in the city of Harmonicus. In this episode, the Human Chord faces off against Maestro Monticelli, who has created a giant mutant soprano to terrorize the city.


This episode written and directed by David Brunell-Brutman

David Rheinstrom – Maestro Monticelli, Soundtrack
Alex Jensen – Dorabella Dolcesuono, Stravinsky
Louise Smythe – Captain Holly Oats
David Brunell-Brutman – The Human Chord
Justin Piper – Narrator
Meghan Kenny, Mike Lefemine, and Willis Garcini

Audio editing by David Brunell-Brutman

Musical direction by Jacob Stern and Indu Chandrasekhar

Our producer was David Rheinstrom

This recording is released under a Creative Commons License. It may be freely copied, distributed, and remixed for non-commercial use.